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Leading Experts

The team at Process Dynamics are recognised as leaders in equipment, process and products. With both commercial kitchen and industrial processing backgrounds they have a deep understanding of what it takes to grow production capacity whilst maintaining product quality and driving down unit production costs.

Premium Quality

Process Dynamics partners with leading German equipment brands each of whom are recognised worldwide as leaders in their respective fields. All equipment is designed and manufactured in Germany ensuring not only high quality but strong after sales support both in applications and in service, where spare parts remain available for many years following purchase.

Experience Matters

Market leading equipment is only one part of the of total package. The know-how to match real world throughputs with desired and future capacity, flexibility and reliability are key to long term success of your business. Process Dynamics can help you right-size your equipment, aligning process flows, whilst allowing for modular growth.

Helping small businesses become big businesses

The trend to take artisanal food products from niche positions to wider distribution places many challenges on smaller production processes.

The success of these low volume artisanal products is often attributable to skilled hands, traditional equipment and traditional methods, which are either hard to obtain or inefficient and none of which are scalable when larger volume or lower cost production is contemplated.

Small scale traditional processing, revolving around small batches and hands on approaches, often using smaller, cheaper and relatively inefficient machinery quickly reaches it limits when faced with the challenges of increasing output and often controlling costs. Many times customers are not aware that there are solutions out there that can assist with both these issues.

However knowing the best machines that suit each application and matching output and product quality are the dynamics that only come from years of experience within this industrial processing sector.

The words industrial processing can conjure up visions of acres of factory area processing tonnes of raw material however in this context it implies that that the processes and equipment are right sized for the planned output, will run without overloading and operate reliably and consistently for many years. These types of equipment are not built with a limited life span in mind. They can be maintained and where necessary repaired to last many years often retaining significant value as a trade in as needs change.

What Are Your Pressure Points?

Process Dynamics can help with any and all of the following

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Reduce the need for highly skilled trade workers
  • Reduce processing times
  • Reduce giveaway
  • Reduce machinery breakdowns and service costs
  • Increase yields
  • Increase productivity though your site
  • Increase food hygiene standards
  • Automate manual processes
  • Increase consistency

We do it right

The team at Process Dynamics have over 70 years of combined experience. Experience in process, experience in products and experience in equipment. We understand how to automate your process, optimising labour and driving down unit costs, whilst maintaining quality and improving consistency and throughput. We specialize in providing upscaling solutions for small processing applications like kitchens, catering enterprises, butchers, meal solution and quick service restaurants to a centralised processing environment.

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